Why Alcohol is Often a Factor in Hit and Run Accidents

There are nearly 40 deaths per day as a result of drunk driving. A percentage of these are hit and run accidents, and if it were not for the fact that someone was inebriated and behind the wheel, they would likely have never happened in the first place. Why does alcohol have such an impact on hit and run statistics? This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

What is the Legal Limit for Driving and Alcohol?

Across all of the states in the USA, your blood alcohol level must be below 0.08% if you want to get behind the wheel and operate any vehicle. If you cause an accident or are pulled over for dangerous driving, and it is found that your levels exceed this number, there will be consequences. This may be around four beers for a man and less for a smaller woman.

Why Do People Drive Drunk?

So, why do people drive drunk in the first place? It seems like a chaotic decision that will only lead to poor consequences. This is a dangerous choice to make, but it does happen at an alarming rate, nevertheless. There are plenty of reasons why people might decide to drive drunk, and here are the most common.

They are Over-Confident

Everyone thinks they are a great driver after a few beers, but they are sorely mistaken. Your abilities to drive safely and properly are extremely hindered after you have alcohol in your system. You can’t make good choices or snap decisions and you won’t be able to keep up with the pace or mindset of other drivers on the road. Overconfidence is a killer because ultimately it is part and parcel of being drunk. If you know your ego gets inflated when drunk, hide your keys and make other plans.

By Accident

You may be thinking, is it even possible to drive while intoxicated by accident? Well, the answer would be yes. While dubious, some people do drive home after a party and do not realize that they are in fact over the limit. Alcohol doesn’t just disappear from your body overnight, after all; it takes hours. Avoid this by making sure you leave at least eight hours and some sleep, food, and water between you and your last alcoholic beverage post-party.

Their Judgment is Impaired

As well as over-inflated confidence, your ability to make smart choices is significantly impaired after just one drink. You may think you’re not that drunk or that you can handle the car, but you can’t, and you shouldn’t.

How Does Alcohol Impact the Likelihood of a Hit and Run?

So, how do all these points tie into the likelihood of a hit and run taking place? There is more than enough evidence tying the two events together. Take into account the mindset of a drunk person and throw in being in charge of a big, heavy metal machine with wheels and you have a recipe for disaster with grave medical consequences.

Fear and Panic

A drunk driver is more likely to leave the scene of an accident because your fear response and capacity for panic are all over the place when you are influenced by alcohol in your system. This response will increase the chance of you driving away without even knowing what you are doing and makes it all the more difficult to go back.

Slower Responses

You will also have far slower responses which make it incredibly difficult to spot cyclists and pedestrians and react to other road users who may be pulling out, around you, or into your lane on the highway. If you can’t handle quick reactions, your ability to drive is going to be worse than ever. It also means you might hit someone out on the road, or a car coming your way, and simply not have the capacity to process what has happened. Before you know it, you are a mile away and don’t know how to go back.

Clouded Judgment

You also don’t have a clear head to make judgment calls on when you need to turn, signal, turn on your lights, gauge how close something is, or stop at a red light or sign. You may not notice things, fail to see the relevance, or even think that it doesn’t apply to you because it’s late at night. There are all sorts of bad judgment calls made while people are drunk, and this includes those made behind the wheel. If you hit a pedestrian or smash into another car, you are likely to make the wrong choice and drive away.

Dangerous and Reckless Driving Styles

It is also impossible to drive safely while drunk. You can’t make smart choices, you are more likely to speed or be a nuisance to other road users, and you are not in full control at any given point. This is dangerous and reckless, and it increases the chance of you hitting someone with your car.

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Stay vigilant after a hit and run. It can be hard to stay resilient and strong in the face of such uncertainty. However, police officers are more equipped than ever to bring drunk drivers into the spotlight and serve criminal charges for their harmful actions. Drink driving is a major problem, and innocent people will continue to become victims. That is why it is always worth pursuing, so visit us now or give us a call.

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