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Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Tennessee.

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Personal injury law usually relies on the theory of negligence, as it allows people to be held financially responsible for injuries they cause by accident rather than by intention.

In order to hold a defendant liable for injuries based on negligence, a civil plaintiff must establish that the defendant owed them a duty of care, subsequently violated that duty and directly caused an accident that resulted in the losses for which the plaintiff is seeking compensation.

The best way to establish these elements varies significantly from case to case.

For example, all drivers on public roads owe other commuters the same duty to drive responsibly, but certain parties, like doctors and property owners, owe different people different duties of care depending on the circumstances.

Working with a local attorney who is experienced with different areas of personal injury law is usually the best way for an injured person to determine who caused their damages and ensure they are held accountable for them.


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Personal Injury Lawyer

Unexpected bodily harm can quickly result in financial burdens, physical pain, and mental anguish.

By holding the party responsible for your accident accountable for their misconduct, you could be compensated for medical bills, property loss, pain and Bitcoin Mixer suffering, and more.

A Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer could help.

A qualified local attorney could help you understand how state law governs cases like yours, determine your total damages, and seek appropriate compensation for them through a settlement or civil court.

Personal Injury attorney in Tennessee

What Could Hinder

Civil Recovery for a Personal Injury?

There are several different legal barriers that could get in the way of a personal injury lawsuit in Tennessee.

One of the most common is a principle known as comparative negligence that allows a court to reduce a plaintiff’s compensation, or bar them from recovering anything at all, based on the degree of fault they bear for causing their own injuries.

Additionally, while plaintiffs can pursue as much compensation as they need to make up for objective economic damages like medical bills and lost work wages, subjective non-economic damages, like pain and suffering might be subject to damage caps.

A personal injury lawyer in Murfreesboro may only be able to seek up to $750,000 in compensation for non-economic losses on a plaintiff’s behalf unless that plaintiff experienced catastrophic harm, in which case the cap might be $1 million.

Finally, Tennessee law has a statute of limitations that governs the time limit for some civil cases. Tennessee’s statute of limitations can leave a plaintiff unable to recover compensation.

According to Tennessee Code §28-3-104, any personal injury case not filed within one year of the date the plaintiff’s injury occurred may be time-barred, with only rare exceptions.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

Even if it seems clear that another party is responsible for causing an accident, proving that in a civil court or settlement negotiations can be challenging.

Without assistance from experienced legal counsel, you could have a hard time recovering any compensation at all for the damages you suffered.

If you want to maximize your chances of a successful civil case outcome, start by retaining a dedicated Murfreesboro & Nashville personal injury lawyer.

Call or schedule an initial consultation today to discuss your legal options, and get started on your potential claim.

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