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Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident in Tennessee?

Slip and fall cases can be tough to litigate. The fault is not always clear-cut, and a property owner can fight your case. Having a personal injury lawyer can help you when you are pursuing compensation from a negligent property owner.

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While many accidental falls only result in minor harm, serious falls can cause serious harm.

In severe cases, a slip and fall injury could lead to bone fractures, contusions, and potentially even traumatic brain and/or spine damage, as well as significant financial losses from medical bills.

Fortunately, you may have legal options worth exploring with the help of an experienced injury attorney if your trip and fall injury occurred due to hazardous conditions on someone else’s property.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation from a negligent property owner for all your injuries and losses.

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Determining Liability for

a Slipping or Tripping Accident

Slip and fall injuries can stem from a number of different hazards, many of which are the result of negligence by a property owner or manager.

While unmarked spills and puddles may be the most common source of slips and falls, other causes include:

  • Frayed or torn carpeting.
  • Loose floorboards.
  • Untreated ice outside a storefront or on a sidewalk.
  • Worn-down or defective staircases.
  • Debris in entryways or store aisles.
  • Cracks in the pavement or uneven floor tiles.

Regardless of what specifically causes someone to slip or trip in a public place, the consequences can often be grave.

A hard impact against a flat surface can result in broken bones, muscle and ligament strains, and deep bruises or lacerations, and particularly severe incidents can lead to permanent brain or spine damage resulting in paralysis and loss of other bodily functions.

If a store owner, property manager, or landowner fails to fulfill the duty of care they owe to lawful visitors on their land, they could bear civil liability for any harm such visitor experiences as a result.

Once retained, a Tennessee slip and fall injury attorney could work with an individual to determine the source of their injuries and whether the hazard in question signifies negligence on the part of a third party.

Duty of Care in

Slip and Fall Cases

Anyone who owns a piece of land owes a duty of care to its visitors. Visitors trust that the property they are visiting is safe from anything that would cause them immediate harm.

When landowners do not maintain this duty of care and a visitor suffers an injury as a result, they could hold them liable for damages.

The main thing landowners are required to do is ensure that everyone on their property is safe from an unexpected injury.

If they have wet floors or broken floorboards that have not been fixed or made known to visitors, they could be held liable in the event of an accident.

The Importance of

Filing Suit on Time

Like all other personal injury cases in Tennessee, a statute of limitations applies to slip and fall injury claims that sets a deadline by which prospective plaintiffs must file suit.

If someone injured in a falling accident waits too long to file and exceeds this deadline, their case could be time-barred and they would be unable to recover any compensation for their injuries.

According to Tennessee Code §28-3-104, any civil action seeking restitution for a personal injury must be filed within one year of the date the injury occurred.

Parties wishing to file suit over property damage have a bit longer to get their cases started, as the applicable statutory deadline for these types of cases is three years following the date the incident occurred.

A qualified slip and fall lawyer from the area could identify which deadlines apply to a specific claim and ensure that claim is filed within an appropriate amount of time.

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Slip and Fall Claim Attorney

Slips, trips, and falls cause thousands of injuries in Tennessee every year, and many of those injuries could have been avoided if private property owners had taken better care of their land.

Fortunately, if you were hurt in this kind of incident because of a landowner’s negligence, you may be able to pursue civil compensation for any damages you suffered as a result.

A seasoned slip and fall lawyer could be a steadfast ally as you seek to recover from the harm another party caused you to endure.

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