The Financial And Emotional Costs Of Truck Accidents

The actual cost of truck accidents is astounding. While the financial costs are easier to calculate than the indirect costs, such as the emotional ones, truck accidents are devastating and can affect the lives of the people involved and shock the community.

The direct, financial cost of truck accidents include medical expenses for treating those injured in the accident, repairs or replacement of commercial and private vehicles that were damaged or written off, loss of income after injuries render a victim unable to work, insurance, and the legal fees involved in resolving claims.

Indirect costs impact the community through roads blocked off or congested after an accident and being delayed getting to work, the gym, or home. This affects the quality of life of people caught on the road when an accident occurs. Some accidents cause a great deal of environmental pollution, such as oil spillages and fires.

These various factors make truck accidents very costly. They are not easy to manage and require several independent responses. Solutions need to be thorough and address all the issues that arise as a consequence of truck accidents. We look at the associated costs and what to do after an accident.

The Financial Costs Associated with Truck Accidents

Vehicle accidents number in the millions, with significant fatalities being recorded. Truck accidents form part of these statistics and are associated with numerous financial costs. It is not only the trucking company that is affected by the staggering costs of truck accidents. Innocent victims may be caught up in the collision and need extensive medical treatment for a prolonged period. There is also the damage to impacted vehicles, legal costs, and income lost when an injured victim cannot work after an incident.

The medical expenses incurred can include transportation by ambulance to a hospital, time spent in a medical facility for treatment, various surgeries, the costs of rehabilitation services, which may involve in-house stays, and continued treatment for lasting chronic injuries. Many victims will spend the rest of their lives receiving medical care after a truck accident and some cannot take care of their own basic daily needs. All of this costs money and somebody has to foot the bill.

The state may be left facing charges for repairs to infrastructure such as bridges after a truck accident. The truck company will need to repair the truck involved in the collision. And the driver and owner of the other vehicle that was hit by the truck will also need to have their vehicle replaced if repairs are not possible.

The victim of a truck accident may be physically unable to work after sustaining severe injuries during an incident. This could mean a lifelong loss of earning ability and the need for compensation to enable a breadwinner to continue to take care of family members dependent for their livelihood on the victim.

The Emotional Costs Associated with Truck Accidents

The financial consequences of a truck accident can be readily estimated and addressed by filing a claim for compensation. However, the emotional costs of truck accidents can affect the victim and members of their family for years to come. Even eyewitnesses can be traumatized by the experience of seeing a truck accident and its aftermath.

The truck driver is also severely affected, and this is worse if the driver was responsible for the accident. There is a likelihood of blaming the self and experiencing deep-seated guilt over the injuries or deaths of victims. Even if the driver did not cause the accident, there are likely to be difficult emotions to manage, like depression, anxiety, and a fear of driving a truck again. This can affect the driver’s income and may lead to a need to look for a less well-paid job. A guilty driver may have been fired after a truck accident, leaving the person without any income.

Families of victims are extensively traumatised after a serious truck accident that left a loved one suffering pain and injuries, or if the death of one’s family members was involved. Witnessing the accident and injuries can result in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and this can affect a person struck by this condition for years after the original incident. Emotions will be intense and could include grief, depression, anxiety, and sadness. These emotions do not dissipate quickly and can leave the family of the victim with an unending sense of loss of companionship and support.

What should be dealt with after a Truck Accident?

There are physical, emotional, and financial costs of truck accidents. Any person who has experienced this trauma needs to approach the situation in multiple ways. Here are some of the necessary steps to take.

Self-care is Vital

Directly after a truck accident, you need to be checked by a doctor, even if you think you are okay. Aspects like whiplash and shock may not be obvious to you but need treatment by a qualified person. You may not realize the extent of physical injuries and how they will come to impact your life down the line. If you delay getting medical care, this may affect the compensation amount awarded to you. Seek treatment for any emotional trauma you have suffered and if you experience symptoms from PTSD.

Document the Accident

As soon as possible after a truck accident, you need to get records of everything that could be evidence to support a claim and explain how the accident happened. Get photos of both vehicles and road conditions. Obtain the contact details of witnesses.

Get in touch with an Attorney.

After a truck accident in which you or your loved ones were affected physically and emotionally, you should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Each state may have different time frames within which a case must be brought to court if it is to be considered. Getting a local attorney who is familiar with how the law is applied in your state is essential.

Your attorney will be able to guide you through the legal processes and see that every step of the procedures involved is completed correctly. They will know the kinds of compensation that the courts provide and what they cap at certain levels. This will ensure that you get the best possible compensation for your case.

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