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City Street Potholes Being Filled in Murfreesboro

Tennessee saw a massive downpour of snow this winter, which caused city streets and roadways to become a mess of salt, ice, and slush. Local roadways had over 2,000 tons of salt distributed over them and the combination of freezing streets and snowplows have caused a number of potholes to appear throughout Murfreesboro roads.

Potholes are created when water seeps into the road and freezes. When the water freezes it expands which in turn loosens the pavement, causing it to cave in when vehicles drive over it. Unfortunately, the combination of salt, ice, and water is creating ideal pothole conditions.

City Street Department Crews Fixing Roads

Pothole repairs have been ongoing throughout the state, and motorists are encouraged to notify the city with the location of new potholes so City Street Department crews can respond and fill the potholes more quickly.

Street crews have been working in 12 hour shifts for over 80 hours trying to fix the damage caused by the winter storm. There are 60 city employees trained in pothole repair and are actively repairing the streets to keep Tennessee motorists safe.

Additionally, there are six pothole crews working to repair the damaged roads, filling about 20 to 30 potholes a day. However, this number varies depending on the severity of the pothole and the weather conditions of the day.

How Drivers Can Keep Work Crews Safe

Drivers are urged to read and listen to all street postings about work zones, as these signs were designed to keep the street crews safe. Motorists are encouraged to minimize the distractions in their car and stay alert when driving through work zones. Additionally, drivers should not speed or tailgate other motorists as that could quickly turn into a very dangerous situation. By following traffic rules and remaining patient, both motorists and roadway crew members can stay safe.

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