5 FAQs About Medical Records in Injury Cases

medical records

In injury cases, the most critical pieces of evidence, after establishing liability, are often the records that show just how bad an injury was, is, or will be. More often than not, this means that the most important evidence in an injury case will likely be the medical history that objectively documents the extent of […]

When are owners liable for a dog bite?

mordedura de perro Dog bite

A personal injury lawyer is the right person to evaluate the value of your dog bite lawsuit. In general, bigger injuries (or more traumatizing situations) mean larger monetary settlements. A pet owner’s homeowners’ or renters’ insurance provides coverage for dog bites, but not everyone has this insurance.

3 Things to Know Before Your Kids Go to Summer Camp

summer camp kids personal injury

School’s out soon, which means kids will be on their way to summer camps in the coming weeks. Most of us have fond memories of camp, and they can provide an educational summer adventure for your kids. But that adventure doesn’t always come without risk, and maybe even the odd injury. There are things that […]